The Poems Of Aswathi

26.3.2014                                                   YOUR PATH

Life is like a journey,

Like a pollen grain.

Birth is like a new sessile,

Growth  a ripening fruit.

Obstacles await like the prying eyes of an eagle,

Ready to destroy you.

But don’t wither yourself,

Believe thyself.

Come out from thy nutshell into a world so full of mysteries and evils.

There are dark times and thoughts that haunt u forever,

But lest forget it.

Walk like a real being,

Not a seedling.

If everyone shuns u,

Don’t shun yourself.

If thy beings don’t believe thee,

Believe thyself.

Don’t feel left out,

Because there is a friend who stays with u till the end and never lets u down,

Whom u can trust with all your heart,

Even during the darkest times ,                                                                                  

Your shadow.                                                                                                                          

27.3.14                                              LIFE CYCLE OF EVERY THING

Out there,

Born from an egg on a mulberry tree,

Emerges a tiny worm,

Ready to face the world.

It feeds greedily on the mulberry leaves,

Does not acquire  satisfaction,

Until the leaves are thoroughly damaged.

After destroying a precious life,

It becomes a blotted wriggler,


 with its own saliva builds a home around itself.

After several weeks,

This heavenly home is broken,

And out emerges,

 a colorful insect,

beautiful wings flying up high .

spends its life savoring,

until it gets swept,

 into the mouth of an awaiting frog.

Such is the life cycle ,                                                                                

Of  all things.

28.3.14                                                                       TRUE FRIENDSHIP

A real friend is one,

Who stays with u till the end.

He is the one who shares in ur joys and sorrows,


A real friend is one ,

Who stays with u during the most difficult times

And never-ever abandons u.

He’s not the one who comes in your life,

For a second and then vanishes completely.

U can trust him with all your heart,

Because he is not the one who,

Acts in a friendly manner,

When you are full of swells,

And then pushes u into a dark corner,

When u are unpopular,

Where u are allowed to moan to yourself.

He is the one who,

Thrives for ur well being,

Encourages u,

To do better the next time,

 When failure comes ur way.

He is the one, who guides u,

Like a parent,

When evil things befall.

Having a single,

Trustable mentor,

Is worth a 100 shilling,

Rather than,

Having a false one,

Who is worth nothing?



29.3.14                                                              GLISTENING JEWEL

We bow to u,

Planet earth!

U were the one who,

Made life possible,

Under your starry skies.

Single, glistening,

Hanging like a blue jewel,

In the middle of a vast void,

The only planet,                                                                                    

Were life is thought,

To exist,

Becomes a place for corruption,

Atrocities & pollution.

Life on earth is proving,

To be difficult.

The earth has survived,

For billions of yrs,

Would it be appropriate,

To destroy its ecosystem,

Within a yr?

Continuing pollution,

Would make the UV  rays of the sun,

 penetrate the atmosphere,

Thus transforming us,

Into roasted chickens and hams.

If this trend continues,

Our beautiful planet,

Would turn into,

An everlasting barren place,

Where the only signs,

For daily activities,

Be volcanoes erupting,

Endless amounts of lava,

Into its once,

 Precious environment,

Was long ego?

humans were thriving…..