My poems from heart


The little one Adithi rests on my chest,
To count the beat of my heart,
Says, Appooppa your heart is fine,
And I nod with a smile, Then joy of happiness is seen in her eyes,
I feel all children want the world of happiness,
In me the positive thoughts twinkle,
The days of shinning are still waiting,
Before I set in the darkness of permanent sleep


God gives everyone right to live and grow, 
Space between life and death is small
Go through struggle, commitments, ageing, sickness before death
Share the wealth more or less equally 
To live in dignity, with positive approach 
love all and bring up well the loved ones
be useful by choosing the right path
Life is immensely complex for one and all
Laws and traditions made to protect everyone,
But some are dangerous and make others
Insecure with no peace in life,
They give flower in one hand and 
Thorn in other hand that pricks with endless pain
Our women and children are, helplessly looking for protection
Some may end life desperately with no one to help ,
Or be killed inhumanly by some
Laws alone will not be deterrent for the law breakers
Punishment if delayed becomes counter effective
Stringent punishment necessary and never takes place
A few become leaders by annexing power by crook or hook
Rule the people as well the nation and manipulate the common wealth for their gain 
And destroy the fabrics of welfare
To become super humans or super GODS
And they manipulate to be the masters of everyone and everywhere.
Resulting in unleashing disorders everywhere
And the harmony is destructed right in front of everyone.
Yet we struggle to live in peace and harmony.
Experiencing with the truth never ending


I have no colours, no shape, but I am in every living being,

Call me life or soul, giving life in you to live, to act,

Like the air in the bubble floating in the sky

Like the fragile spheres of soap film

Filled with air making you beautiful

And making to live graciously and purposefully

I have no differences and same in all,

Big or small does not make me change,

Strong or weak I am same, in you

But I may change you as your mind works,

Make you or destroy you by your action,

When I leave you, your body decays,

Or is destroyed in flames, but I am still there,

Like the air you inhale, like the air

That comes out from the bubble.

And the bubble is no more.

My by gone past

The past is still lingering in mind

My memory is not like the fallen leaves gone for ever.

The tharavad gave me life, born in the stingy dark room

Meant for delivery, or labour room in the Tharavad house

Attended the delivery by untrained local pathichi,

Brought in decorated single ox driven cart with all respect,

She is the “doctor” for all pregnant women in the village,

Her dictum no one question, her nod was needed in emergency to take

To hospital to attend serious medical problems,

She used kitchen knife to cut the umbilical cord,

Still survived without tetanus infection,

 Complications in delivery no way to escape.

Many mothers and babies died after complication

Blaming the star of the child for mother’s death,

Hundreds of children were born in homes before mid half in nineteen century

With no immunizations, or medicines for ailment,

Treatments with arushittam or kasayam was must for mother,

Daily bath with Dhanuvantari oil helped her a lot

Calling local vydiyans for attending if any ailments,

The tharavad where many of my age groups and ancestors were born is no more

 But the place now looks like a cemetery with a grave like Aara is protruding out

To symbolize that a famous Tharavada was here,

And calling me to look at it to remember the past with tears,

The life cycle changes and new culture creeps in

I never forget the past and my past moves around me

But the new generations turn their back at the past.

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Why this ad?

Where is our country moving, you in the board?
You are not one, like you there are
many ,many,
We the people feel that you judge the people harshly. 
You are tarnishing the images of others who rise against you. 
You never look into the positive sides of others’ quality. 
You do not understand that to err is human, and no one is perfect.
You take only the negative side of the people near you.. 
You throw your rubbish on others premises after cleaning your premises.
It is usual culture in you. You never have microscopes for seeing you in. 
You are clever in judging others with a wrong yardstick and then pass judgment.
You will never judge yourselves and see your true colour,
You do not want to know the success in life of others.
If some one succeeds, you try to imitate him /her and you blame then if you fail. 
And pull them down if they succeed
You neither help nor protect the women folk,
You do not want them getting educated and you do not allow them to live without tears. 
Yet you worship the Goddess of education Sarawathi , Goddess of wealth Lakshmi and Goddess of protection Eswari. 
You call the earth the mother Earth and call the land you live Bharat Matha.and your women are treated like salves,
You try to damage all institution that questions you,. 
You even question the supreme legal Institutions.
All procedures were given a go by to build an Empire of corruption
You want to be clean and the country’s capacity to defend almost jeopardized
You manipulate to govern the democratic coutry with family 
And in all states family rules are only made possible
You weakened the party of the people of national character
No law to protect the democracy, from the clutches of family rule
You form a party to fight corruption,
Instead you start challenging the established law of the land
And putting an effort to confront everybody to create anarchy
Where is our country moving, you in the board?