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posted Jul 14, 2012, 5:08 AM by K.R.V Pillai
In India no women, girls and children are safe even in cities. Mother India has become motherless India for these hapless.
Girls’ fetus is destroyed. Baby girls are maimed and thrown in garbage bins. Thousands of women and girls are sexually assaulted. Girls are drenched with acids by miscreants, students are punished to drink their urine or standing under the hot sun for hours or even subjected to worst punishment by the class teachers. Students suffering from some contagious diseases or whose parents suffering from HIV are asked to vacate the schools. Honour killing of lovers in the name of caste or family reputation has become a normal affair .Panchayats or Khaps Diktat to ban women and girls going out in night is like Talibanising the society. The darkest side of India is not seen yet by the media. Law and order maintaining authorities in many cases are mute spectators. or the authorities wake up for action too late under pressure. Is this India we live in?