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Caste Reservation and Nairs

By KR.Viswanathan Pillai
I quote here ,what Lord Wellington said,about Nairs “I like to see these nairs who never care their lives who lead an army of similar people even against mighty ocean of enemies and fight to win like a hell-fire’ What he said is very much true to the present context. I think Nairs never care very much for themselves. Earlier in 19th centuary they were to fight for Kings. Now they have to fight like ‘hell-fire’ for their existence.
Nairs are intelligent and blessed with talents. Many are well placed in national and international levels. Caste has remained an important factor in the Indian political system, primarily because of the politics of appeasement. The social and economical order of the world has become more complex.The life style of the people are fast changing.Economies of many developing countries like India, China etc are catching up with the developed countries. Every one looks for a better life. Inclusion of rich and influential people in caste based reservation is creating more social problems.
Who is responsible for the classification of Nairs as forward? Several communities in many states of similar social and economical status of Nairs were classified as backward. The Nair Service Society a social organisation created in Kerala for the enlistment and welfare of the Nairs in Kerala in 1914.It was established by a great visionary Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan.He set up hundreds of karayogam /units of NSS. With his persistence, tireless efforts, and farsightedness the NSS started several educational institutions, hospitals, and socially beneficial programmes all over the State. NSS could not do much, to alleviate the sufferings of several poor Nair families in Kerala.
NSS consolidated and maintained the unity of Nair community. Several Nair families have to depend only on the crippled income from the lands of their own. Only a very few meritorious boys and girls could get admission in reputed higher educational institutions like IITs, AIIMS etc. Caste discriminations in our democratic society have led to emotional distress in these young people. The young boys and girls are pushed to a corner in their life on caste reasons. A few Nairs were fortunate enough to grab some jobs outside Kerala. Inside the State opportunities for jobs for Nairs are diminishing. It is same for others also.
I am at pains to write that Kerala invites industrialist with union flags, and bandhs. But other states provide slew of concessions to the industries and provide job opportunities for million of youngsters.
The people of India mainly Hindus are divided into many castes and sub-castes, as a result of centuries of practicing a form of social hierarchy called the.caste systems. Proponents of reservation policy says that the traditional caste system, as it is practised, leads to severe oppression and seggregation of freedoms, including education of people of lower strata.
Caste oppression, may be true at present against Dalits and most backwards. The rich in the socalled backward class communities practise the same caste discrmination against the Dalits and most backwards but reap the maximum benefit of reservation..The discrimination against the lower strata of the people by the socalled influential and rich backward communites are continuing with immpunity. The benefit of caste reservations is taken away by the rich in the backward community.The poor in these communities remains to be poor. The poor in all communties irrespective of the so called ‘forward or backward or religion’ should get the benefit of reservation in educations and jobs.
The Gujjar agitation is a lesson for the protagonists of caste and religion-based reservation. No government will dare to remove any caste from the reservation list even after 1000 years, and even after the so-called backward communities become forward. It is my opinion that caste base reservation should be abolished,. and economically weaker sections in any community should get the benefit of reservation.
The NSS in Kerala has taken a stand to be a non political social organization. It is time to change and start a new political party in Kerala for Nairs. Political bargaining powers of Nairs should be a force to be reckoned with in Kerala politics.. The poor Nairs are also to be enlisted as economically backward class and the benefit of reservation should be available to them also. So long as caste is a dominating force in politics, there is nothing wrong in having a separate political party for Nairs. I strongly believe that the National political parties in India should dominate in decision making, in the States and in the Central. At the same time the influence of regional political parties or caste based parties in governance of States or Central is a reality.
The people of ancient Kerala, which constituted the ancient territories of the Cheras spoke the Tamil language and had extensive interaction with the rest of the Tamil Nadu. It was only towards the ninth or the tenth centuries, their individual identity and language began to evolve to Malayalam after the influence of Aryans settlement in the west of Sahyadri A number of sociologists are of the view that the Nairs are not indigenous to Kerala and they migrated to Kerala in the 9th century as many customs and traditions distinguish them from others in Kerala. Nairs played an amazing role in the social ,cultural and ethical life of the medieval Kerala
In Tamil Nadu alone there are around six lakhs Nairs mainly spread in Kanyakumari district and in Chennai. Almost all of them consider Tamil Nadu as their home state. Their contribution to social and economical field in Tamil Nadu is immence..They maintain harmonious relation with all other communities in Tamil Nadu. They also have continious interaction with their realations in Kerala.
The TNSS has to spread its wings to all parts of the State and should enroll almost all Nairs in its fold. TNSS remains only as social organisation . Certain castes which are forward in Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh are backward in Kerala.The argument against Nairs, is that when Nairs are forward in Kerala how could Nairs in Tamil Nadu be backward.?.
A Commission for Economically Backward Classes, is appointed by Central Government to elecit the suggestions of State Governments on the criteria for identitying the economically backward classes and recommending measures and quantum of reservation in education and government employment. Will the poor Nair be included in the list as per the new criteria?
TNSS is at present in its infant stage. How long it remains to be infant?. It is time to grow.It needs more members ,more money to work with. At present the office bearers are hard pressed for want of money to own an office at Chennai. The very rich in the Nair community have not yet been identified or enrolled. I hope TNSS will be soon become a powerful social organisation in Tamil Nadu.

 UPA Govt & SP

THE HINDU dated 11/07/2008

By withdrawing support to the UPA government, the Left parties have proved that coalitions among parties of different ideologies harm good governance. With the support of a regional party such as the SP, known for its links with big business, the UPA government will find it difficult to govern. K.R. Viswanathan Pillai,

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Pakistan Bomb Blasts

THE HINDU dated20.10.2007

The explosions are against the democratic aspirations of the people of Pakistan. The people and the government should continue the fight against terror.The entire world should condemn this barbaric killing of innocent people.K.R. Viswanathan Pillai,

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THE HINDU dated 10.10.2007 - Pending Nuclear Deal

THE HINDU dated 10.10.2007

How long can the government keep the nuclear deal pending? The people and the scientific community are of the view that it is necessary to operationalise the deal to end India’s isolation in the nuclear world. The government should state clearly that the deal will not affect our sovereignty. It should go ahead and face the consequences. K.R. Viswanathan Pillai, Chennai

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THE HINDU dated7.8.2007 - US Nuclear Deal

THE HINDU dated7.8.2007

The objection to the deal from various quarters cannot be justified. What is the alternative to a deal for the supply of fuel to our nuclear power plants? It is for our government to ensure that we get an uninterrupted supply of nuclear fuel without hindering our strategic programmes and without selling our country to the U.S. K.R. Viswanathan Pillai,

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THE HINDU dated 2.7.2007 -World Aligned Movement

THE HINDU dated 2.7.2007

The present requires all countries to align for economic development and to strengthen the fight against poverty and terrorism, and to uphold democratic values. There should be a World Aligned Movement and not NAM.K.R. Viswanathan Pillai, Chennai

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THE HINDU dated 26.06.2007 - President Kalam Second Term

President Kalam should not have been dragged into the second term controversy. He has taken the correct decision to stay out of the race. At the same time, it is unfortunate that some Ministers went to the extent of using boorish language to denigrate the President. Our politicians can stoop to any level. For them, the election of the first citizen also seems to be a political game. K.R. Viswanathan Pillai, Chennai

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THE HINDU dated 5.6.2007 - Gujjar Agitation

THE HINDU dated 5.6.2007

The Gujjar agitation is a lesson for the protagonists of caste and religion-based reservation. No government will dare to remove any caste from the reservation list even after 1000 years, and even after the so-called backward communities become economically most forward.

K.R. Viswanathan Pillai,

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THE HINDU dated 16.11.2006 - Pavement Dwellers and Superpower

Lakhs of Mumbai's poor are pavement dwellers, facing the risk of being mowed down by vehicles driven by reckless drivers. The plight of the poorest in other cities is no different. The government talks of reducing inequalities among citizens and making India an economic superpower but ignores its poor people's quality of  life.

K.R.Viswanathan Pillai

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THE HINDU dated 16.2.2005 - Politics

Sir, — Economists have predicted that India will become an economic superpower by 2015. But the other aspect of the polity is worrying. Criminalisation of politics, widespread corruption, internal and external threats to security, and an irresponsible Opposition are the order of the day. They only seem poised to grow in the coming years. K.R. Viswanathan Pillai, Chennai

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THE HINDU dated 9.9.2004 - Democratic Pakistan

THE HINDU dated 9.9.2004

Sir, — It appeared as if Pakistan expected India to announce the date and time of handing over Kashmir to it. A democratic Pakistan is necessary for peace in South Asia. As long as the Pakistan army is in control of things, cross-border infiltration will not end and any number of summits will yield nothing. K.R.V. Pillai, Chennai

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Childrens Education

Give your children the greatest gift – the magic and wonder of learning. The right educational games can spark the desire to learn and instill basic critical skills that they can take with them their entire life. Learn how to help your children, gain an educational advantage during their school years and discover the joy of learning just while being entertained

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The Greedy Horseman

(Courtesy to Sri Appoothy)

A long time ago, there was an Emperor who told his horseman that if he could ride on his horse and cover as much land area as he likes, then the Emperor would give him the area of land he has covered.Sure enough, the  horseman quickly jumped onto his horse and rode as fast as possible to cover as much land area as he could. He kept on riding and riding, whipping the horse to go as fast as possible. When he was hungry or tired, he did not stop because he wanted to cover as much area as possible. The horseman came to a point when he had covered a substantial area and he was exhausted and was dying. Then he asked himself, "Why did I push myself so hard to cover so much land area? Now I am dying and I only need a very small area to bury myself."

The above story is similar with the journey of our Life. We push very hard everyday to make more money,to gain power and recognition. We neglect our health, time with our family and to appreciate the surrounding beauty and the hobbies we love.

One day when we look back, we will realize that we don't really need that much, but then we cannot turn back time for what we have missed. Life is not about making money, acquiring power or recognition. "People in the process of earning a living should not forget to live" Have a joyful day .. full of life."

All mankind is divided into three classes: those who are immovable, those who are movable; and those who move." -- Benjamin Franklin

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Environmental Governance.

The environmental pollution and degradation, and depletion of natural resources in an alarming level threaten the very existence and survival of humans and all other living species. The integrity of the earth and its biodiversity, the security of nations, and the heritage of future generations. are all seriously threatened due to  climate change.Quality and quantity of rain affected by SO2 released from coal burnt factories increases acid rains. In 1990 a concerted effort was made by the participated nations to roll back CO2 and SO2 emission by as much as 30% compared to the the1980 level. Oxide of nitrogen (NOX) level emitted by vehicles is also increasing due to number vehicles on roads. The main greenhouse gas CO2 rose to a record level .Forest fires contributed more to increase the level of CO2. During 1970 to 2000 the CO2 level increased by 1.5ppm .Since 2001 CO2 level is increasing by 2.6ppm. Climate changes due to increase in CO2 level changes the weather pattern. Bleak picture of increasing poverty, paucity of drinking water, melting glaciers, and polar ice caps, and a host of vanishing species by the 2050 unless action is taken to curb emissions of carbon dioxide and other green gases According to a United Nations report, climate change will have a significant damage to all continent generating more storms and heat waves, causing droughts, the extinction of some species.The Intergovernmental panel on climate changes has warned that by the end of this century every hemisphere will face water –related problems. The Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Indus will become seasonal rivers, dry between monsoons as Himalaya’s glaciers will continue their retreat. Water tables will continue to fall, or grow more saline. Crop productivity will fall, as temperature rise in India by as much as 1.2 degree C on average by 2040. and by the end of this century the temperature rise could be around 5.4 degree C. Sea levels will rise at least 40cms by 2100 inundating vast areas in coastline, including some of the thickly populated cities. People will be forced to migrate.


These are the major challenges due to climate changes

It is reported that large amounts over 1.5 trillion tonnes of frozen carbon about twice as much as contained in the atmosphere are stored in the Arctic regions.The Arctic carbon may worsen climate change if temperature rise by 2 degrees C over the pre-industrial levels.The developing nations wanted the developed countries to commit themselves to significant reductions in green gas emissions by 80% below the 1990 levels by 2050 (the date of Kyoto protocol level) and also an interim target of cutting emissions for the industrial nations by 40 per cent by 2020. In the L'Aquila. Italy developed countries committed themselves to reduce the emissions level by 80% by2050 and called on the rest of the world to move towards the goal of reducing overall global emissions by 50 per cent by 2050.
China has voluntarily announced that it will deuce cabon emission per unit og GDP to 40-50%of 2005 by 2020.India announced 20-255 of carbon emmission intensity by 2020.

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God's Own People

By K.R.Viswanathan Pillai

We know that Kerala is the God’s own land. No land in this world is so beautiful as Kerala and all Keralites are proud that Kerala is called as ‘God’s own land’ But in the land of God, do the people, be called as God’s own people? No, God’s own people are everywhere in any place and in any community or any religion. The Hindus believe that the God was born as human being in several incarnations to protect the world against treacherous people. God incarnated to bring harmony and destroy the devil in man. No religion encourages hatredness between people. Religion teaches spiritual values, and to live in harmony with other living beings and the nature. Love all living beings is the truth, but the triumph of truth is waning. Our tradition, and culture today are giving way to western way of life. Frequent bandh, political killing, violence against women children and the aged are the order of the day. The society is at the crossroads. It suffers unprecedented onslaught of nefarious, and selfish people. The common men and women face unbridled corruption at all levels in their own government. The poverty, illiteracy and poor health burdened the society. The nature is destroyed for gains. The government is coming out with economical growth rate figure, anticorruption drive, and pledge to protect  women and children, health and education for all. We struck to believe in the propaganda of our own power. People want to lift themselves up. Still we have India’s amazing religious spirit, our determination to serve the community, our tolerance and family tradition We have several non-government societies and associations to supplement t he governments in taking up welfare measures. There are people who are born to serve. They are the God’s own people

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