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posted Jun 23, 2012, 9:20 PM by K.R.V Pillai
 As a social organization in the Tamil Nadu ,Tamil Nadu Nair Society is having a clear cut objective to fulfill the social needs of its community members as well to create a harmoniums atmosphere for its members to live in peace with people of other communities irrespective of their cast, language or religion .. Achievements of its objectives are a continuous process. TNSS as a social organization has to go a long way to  grow to its full potential as a social organisation.Consolidation of all Nairs under one umbrella I feel, is necessary under the changing social strategies. Unfortunately many Nairs are  not  members of TNSS. They are of the view that” what I gain if I am a member of TNSS” It is not the physical or social gains one has to attain from a social organization. It is the mental satisfaction one may get being in the larger family of Nairs. It is the smile he or she gets from the community members when they meet each other. Growth of social organization is different from the growth of political originations or political parties.Politcal parties have an objective or goal to catch the power to run the government. Success of political parties depends on the leader whose charisma plays an important role.Also the committed followers of the political parties play an important role for the growth of the political parties. Social organizations have no committed people as the political parties. It has nothing to offer except good will.. Dedicated people are the only source of strength of all social organizations. They need of the hour is the support and help from all its members to TNSS. Money is the structural strength of any social organization. The weakness of TNSS is its inability to collect donation from some of  its members or from the public. All the more the amount promised by remaining members of TNSS for the office building construction could not be collected till date.  Meeting the members for money collection  is to be frequented. Several well-to-do and highly placed Nairs promised huge amount to TNSS. No doubt they will keep up the promise made and amount will be paid early. Due to financial constraint TNSS is not in a position to construct its own office building. As the land cost goes high day after day I do not think in the near future TNSS will be able to get enough fund for construction of the office building. TNSS may think for rented or leased house for the office for the time being. till its own office is constructed It is high time TNSS shifts from the present location to a rented or leased premises..
 TNSS as asocial organization has an important social role. I quote here what I read from the TNSS web site
These are the objective of TNSS or I call it social objectives.
  1.  Help deserving members in the matter of medical care.
  2.  Strengthen relations among the families of members.
  3.  Prepare the ground for a cultural renaissance.
  4.  Take help to members of the community and also other members of  society in times of natural calamities.  
  5.  Help community members to find brides and bridegrooms for their children.
  6.  Take assistance to community members for death-related and other religious ceremonies.
  7.   Establish TNSS units across Tamil Nadu and help in their efficient functioning.
All these objectives are fine, but Nairs as well as all Malayalees in TamilNadu, have to accept the fact that we are not transplanted people from Kerala to Tamil Nadu. Many Nairs were born, educated and secured jobs in this state. Our identity as Tamil Nadu Nairs have to be preserved and strengthened and TNSS has to work with other social organization not only Malayalee Associations but also with all other social organizations to achieve our social goal enabling to secure social benefits to the members of TNSS. At the same time maintaining our identity as Tamil Nadu Nairs is important. We should never be called as Tamil Nairs. Many young generations in our community has lost the culture of Nairs, leaving alone their inability to speak and write in Malayalam language. TNSS has an important role in this regard. Once the future generations of Nairs fail to speak in Malayalam then they will become Tamil Nairs.We have to learn from Tamil Brahmins of Kerala.They learn and write Malayalam, but they speak in their house only in Tamil. Wherever they are they preserve their culture. I have great regards for Tamil language and Tamilians. I want the identity of Nairs  to be maintained in Tamil Nadu from generations to generations Our unity is in our strength .TNSS has an important role to lay the foundations for the unity of Nairs, maintaining their identity as Nairs and to create an atmosphere that Nairs live in peace and serve Tamil Nadu as good citizens.